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Featured Muscle Building Consumer Reports

The Muscle Maximizer

Somanabolic Muscle MaximizerCustomized, unique, anabolic approach to nutrition in the form of software that when combined with proper weight training, “packs-on pure shredded muscle in record time without any fat”. Four patented formulas, which took years of testing and tweaking with world renowned nutritionists, fitness models and big time bodybuilders, are used to tailor anabolic nutrition in every way possible. Read more.

Iron Dolls

Iron Dolls Female Bodybuilding Secrets RevealedAt the time of writing, Iron Dolls is the only female body building ebook available. It is 401 pages long and contains Karen’s unique tips and tricks to record muscle gain. For example, Karen reveals how to capitalize on the 20 minute window after your weight training session to get the most gains from your workout. Read more.

The Truth About Building Muscle

The Truth About Building Muscle266-page, instantly downloadable e-book as a complete guide to explosive muscle growth; written in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, meaning that you can pick it up today and be working it immediately. Detailed 26-week workout guide outlines the exact pattern of days to spend in the gym along with the exercises, sets and reps for each workout. You get 3 separate 8-week training cycles. Read more.

Train Smart

Train Smart - The World's Fastest WorkoutTrain Smart is a complete methodology that “allows anyone to achieve his or her absolute maximum strength with the absolute minimum time investment”. Even actor Anthony Hopkins has name-checked the system, according the website. The system is built on the muscle gains foundation of the three principles of strength and size gains: High Intensity Muscular Overload, Progressive Overload, and Full Recovery Occurs Before Muscle Growth. Read more.